self-governance (and local taxes) within 60044

We in District 65 are blessed with many willing volunteers who serve on elected government boards with diligence but without pay: The Shields Township Board, the Village Board, the Park Board, the High School Board and the District 65 School Board.

District 65 is governed by a Board of Education that consists of seven members, half elected on alternate odd-numbered years in early April. Three of our board members were elected two years ago and may be re-elected two years from now:

Susan Rider-Porter, Mark Barry, Leigh Ann Charlot

The other four seats will soon be vacated.  The Lake Bluff School Caucus has interviewed a number of great candidates for the District 65 School Board and recommends these four:

Chris Letchinger
Richard Hegg

John Marozsan
Julie Gottshall


They also recommend for the High School Board the incumbent:

Todd Burgener


John, Todd, Richard

Chris, Julie

In addition, the three residents of Lake Forest endorsed by the Lake Forest Caucus for the High School Board are John Powers, Steve Reimer and Dave Schreiber.

For what it is worth, I endorse the Caucus recommendations. I am not a member of the Caucus* but I sat through all the interviews and I urge my neighbors to vote the straight Caucus ticket on April 9, 2013.

-Don Russ

* I became a member in 2013.


P.S. 1   Lake Bluff School Caucus on FaceBook.

       2    Please do NOT vote for these people!

       3      The Caucus Feb. 18th Press Release.

       4        Feb. 28th letter to district voters.

       5       Handout for the candidates debate.

       6       The Trib clarifies the issues for us.

       7      emails sent by Concerned Taxpayers

       8        School Board President's hate mail 

       9        Received in the mail on March 18th.

      10       Letter to Gazebo by Julie Gottshall 

      11        Letter to Gazebo by Robin Huszagh

      12        Handout for the March 21st coffee

      13       Letter to Gazebo by John Marozsan

      14       Huszagh letter is repeated on Patch

      15       Letter to the Gazebo by Ed Holstein

      16        Letter to Gazebo News by Don Russ

      17         Letter to Gazebo by Robert Troyer

      18        Letter to Gazebo News by Bill Minor

      19       Letter to Gazebo News by MJ Brady

     20      Letter to the LFLB Patch by Don Russ

     21       Letter to Gazebo by Chris Letchinger 

     22         Letter to Gazebo News by Al Boese

     23           Letter to Gazebo by Richard Hegg

     24                   Richard Hegg gets his answer

     25          Letter to Gazebo by Neil Dahlmann

     26          Letter to Gazebo by Romain Wojda

     27         Letter to Gazebo by Todd Burgener

    28          Received in the mail April 8th (pdf)

   29            Thank you from Caucus candidates



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